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Club Closure

Originally Posted By: Trevor on the Sat 31-Dec-2011 at 11:48

The club is now closed.


New Logo

Originally Posted By: Trevor on the Fri 23-Sep-2011 at 10:56

As we approach the Autumn Equinox and head into the Winter The time for Airsoft will be brought forward to 18:00 then to 17:00 and depending on darkness, even earlier (16:30 during Term Time)

In other News I think we need a Logo for the club so I'm asking for suggestions.

Ill accept any size or shape so If you want you can even make a banner.

Also I think, though of course this was always down to me, Ill remove the FGFC remnants of the site.
So, I'm also seeking suggestions for Site Address (URL).



Time for New News

Originally Posted By: Trevor on the Sat 03-Sep-2011 at 11:02

Well its been a long time since I posted a News Story and its been a long time since we were out.

Basically the reason for the clubs lack of activity is down to two things, the England Riots and Personal Circumstances.

Anyway, we will hopfully get out again soon.


Mission 2 cancelation

Originally Posted By: Trevor on the Sun 17-Jul-2011 at 17:55

I am again going to try for an all nighter depending on peoples availability.

A possible date with be Friday 29th through Saterday 30th of July.

The consent form will be re-opened once I speak with my 2IC's.

I am also going to leave it down to YOU to spread the word, Im sick of asking people and then getting no reply or vote in these polls.
Im going to make it simple, like last time - no vote, no go.

Also since people dont want grenades etc Im not going to offer. There will be only what I have.

further updates will occure later


Unfortunatly again it is to be cancled...
This time McBain is on holiday...