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Welcome to this GoldenEye Site.

The propose of this site is to give info to people who donít know much about GoldenEye or who arenít sure if they want to play it. However Playing GoldenEye now is becoming more and more difficult as it is an old game for the N64. This means people either have to get an N64 second hand, dig out their N64 from the loft or emulate the N64 on PC

Probably best thing about GoldenEye even now is it's multiplayer. I Along with friends have spent hours playing against each other in multiplayer. And to think Nintendo told Rare not to bother with multiplayer at the late stage the game was at.

GoldenEye is based on the 007 film GoldenEye and was released about the same time too. The Game was a launch game for the N64.

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All right, 007, it's time to get down to business. Some time ago, Pirate, a top-secret combat helicopter, was hijacked from a French war vessel in Monte Carlo. Pirate was stolen by Xenia Onatopp. She was assisted by several mysterious comrades.

Xenia, a former Soviet pilot, is a known accomplice of the Janus Syndicate, an international organization that is world renowned for its dealings in top-flight illegal arms. They are currently based in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Pirate reappeared two days ago in Russia near the site of an unusual disturbance believed to be the result of the discharge of the GoldenEye weapon satellite.

The situation is serious, 007. if Pirate or GoldenEye has fallen into the wrong hands, I don't have to tell you that the security of the free world could be in jeopardy. We want you to recover the Pirate helicopter and get to the bottom of this. You are licensed to kill.

- M


In GoldenEye Bond (You) must stop Janus from destroying London using the GoldenEye satellite they stole from the recently fallen USSR. Aided by Natalya Simonovia Bond finds Janus is in fact an old friend. 9 years ago 006 & 007 were on a mission inside the USSR where 006 got killed by Colonel Ourumov - or so he thought. As it turns out Alec and Ourumov, now a General, are in league together. 

Natalya is a computer programmer who worked on the GoldenEye before it was stolen by Ourumov. 

Another Programmer, Boris is being used by Alec. 

At the end of the film and game Bond fights Alec on top of the Antenna Cradle... Who wins, is up to your skill.

Another Character is Valentine Zukosfkey. He is an ex-KGB agent who ends up helping Bond by agreeing to help him have a meeting with Janus.
Another member of Janus in Xenia Onatopp. She enjoys killing and sex. In the game the battle with her is done with guns though.

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